The portal for Gwinnett County Public Schools students is MyeClass, which is part of the school system’s eCLASS initiative. Student Portal is an online environment that supports teaching and learning in Gwinnett County classrooms.

You have access to a selection of textbooks and digital resources, the online research library, a media catalog, general reference databases, e-books, and your notes!

Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to join MYeCLASS?

  • A computer with an Internet connection.
  • A current web browser
  • Student ID (User ID) issued by the GCPS student and password generated by the student

How does a student get a username and password to access MYeCLASS?

The student ID issued by GCPS serves as the user ID for the student. Students log in at the beginning of the year or after registering with a standard password and are then asked to create a new authorization password. Serves as the student password for the student portal. Students can reset their passwords at any time through MYeCLASS or a GCPS computer.

What should a student do if they cannot register for MYeCLASS?

  • First, verify that the Internet service is working properly.
  • Then make sure you are using the correct user ID and password.
  • If the connection still fails, the student should contact their
  • local school during school hours for additional help.

How can students get help navigating the portal?

One of the best ways to see what is available on a website is to visit and explore it at your own pace. Students should contact their local school for further assistance.

Can a student be excluded from MYeCLASS?

For security reasons, a student’s user ID will be disabled after five invalid login attempts. After the crash, wait 10 minutes and try again. If the problem persists, the student will need to contact the school to reinstate the account.

When can students access the student portal? Can they access it from anywhere (home, school, library, etc.)?

MYeCLASS is available to students who are enrolled most of the day, with occasional short periods of inactivity due to system maintenance. (The maintenance notice will be posted in advance.) Students only need a computer with Internet access and their access data (username and password).